Ag is an office for graphic design based in London, founded in 2018 by Gianluca Alla. Ag is focused on whatever graphic design means. The office has worked with international clients and designed animations, identities, posters, typefaces and websites for Apple/Platoon, UCB Benetton, Istat, It's Nice That!, Neubad, Pinterest, Rolling Stone Magazine and Wired.

Ag also developed a family of short animated answers to use through your smartphones called Letterzip.

If you want to speak about new projects or have tips about the best pizzas in London, just drop us a line or jump on a call +44 (0)7590 849383.
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Gianluca Alla Graphic Typography Design
Sep 2019
A serious conversation between letters
Talk IED Rio, Brasil
May 2019
Did it move?
Talk + exhibition at Typomania Festival, Moscow (RU)
Apr 2019
Gianluca Alla, Neubad Bistrò posters
AIGA Eye on Design
Mar 2019
For Gianluca Alla, typography is “literally the A, B, C of visual communication”
It's Nice That
Mar–May 2019
Contemporary Cluster, Roma (IT)
Feb–Mar 2019
Type Line, exhibition held by Griffo
MAMbo, Bologna (IT)
Feb 2019
Hang on every word
Computer Arts Magazine
Dec 2018
I nuovi progetti di Gianluca Alla
Oct 2018
PosterFest, exhibtion
Budapest (HU)
Oct 2018
Alla si diverte un mondo a giocare con le lettere
Jun–Jul 2018
One Of A Type, exhibition held by Ciao Ciao Studio
Palermo (IT)
Mar 2018
Have you ever asked yourself what’s behind a letter?
talk at Comics School, Reggio Emilia (IT)
Feb 2018
talk at Libreria Zabarella Padova (IT)
Jan 2018
Letterbit, il progetto tipografico di Gianluca Alla
Jan 2018
Letterbit: le nuove sperimentazioni tipografiche di Gianluca Alla
May 2018
Italianism-Il design della parola, exhibition
Farnesina, Roma (IT)
Feb 2017
Lettergif: un progetto sull'animazione tipografica e la (il)leggibilità delle lettere
Dec 2016
Gli auguri illeggibili di Gianluca Alla
Dec 2013
Rifletto-Riflessioni con le lettere
Talk/Exhibition at Spazio Didot, Pesaro (IT)